maandag 10 maart 2008

felting fantasy

17 opmerkingen:

ixela zei

wowww I've just done my first animoto video... and your is really nice!!!

JK zei

This is a great idea!! Well done..

fleurfatale zei

Inger, this is so good, well done, it's a pleasure to watch it!!!!

APO (Bem-Trapilho) zei

lovely work!!!

big kiss from Portugal!

Gunnels blog zei

oh, what a great video!

APO (Bem-Trapilho) zei

beautiful peaces!!!

Trevor Lingard zei

Hi Inger
Greta vid and wonderful work.Thank you also for checking me out.
Kind Regards

Spelfenmeisje zei

This is great and such amazing work :)

Núria zei

Pretty blog and lovely feelting!!!, are a great source of inspiration. I also finish to open my store:, you do not doubt in visiting me to say to me “Hi”.
Greetings from Spain.

Swiedebie zei

Wow, this is a great idea, Inger. Great video on your beautiful creations. :)

LeelaBijou zei

so lovely!! great video :)

frolicnfibers zei

Wow! That was a gorgeous video. Thanks so much! Love your felted items!

Dawn zei

Inger, I love your happy colors, sense of humour and elegant style! What a refreshing video, as well!

Cathy from zei

Lovely! Thanks for I must learn:)

Elisa zei

Inger this is fantastic!! Your work is just so beautiful. So unique and original. Great video! :)

RowanDeVoe zei

this is a gorgeous video! your pieces are so colourful and make me so happy! thanks for stopping by my blog. it was nice to "hear" from you again!

Guzzisue zei

thanks for dropping by again :-)